Refund Policy

As GOFunnels is a service based product, that allows affiliate (partners) to promote, we do not offer a refund policy unless clearly stated. Understand that there is commissions paid to affiliates (partners) and as such we can not offer a refund.

Stated clearly, generally this is found around the “Add to cart” or “Payment” information areas. It will also be clearly stated on the payment pages.

Also, each and every person who purchases from us within this site, has to “check” the “I Agree” before payment. This is a legally binding agreement.


Monthly Subscriptions: You may cancel at any time after the initial THIRTY (30) Days has passed. There will be no refund offered for the payments you already made, as you would have accessed the site, products and/or services.

Yearly Subscriptions: You may cancel your yearly membership at anytime.

All returned checks/payments will be charged a $75 USD return check fee.

Counter checks will not be accepted.

Checks and money orders must be sent in CDN funds ONLY!

*We hold checks for 10 days if customer is from Canada, outside Canada standard is 20 days by law. Contacting Us

If "CLEARLY" stated offers a refund for your purchase, you are required to contact support and follow the steps to qualify. Also, if you complete a Charge-back or Dispute in payment, you account will be immediately closed.

Please contact our support team for further information:

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